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• Carpet & Area Rug Cleaning & Stain Removal
• Dry Carpet & Area Rug Cleaning
• Green (Eco) Carpet Cleaning
• Carpet & Area Rug Protection using
3M Scotch Guard, Dupont and Teflon Products
• Steam Carpet & Area Rug Cleaning
• Upholstery Cleaning & Protection
• Car Interior Protection & Cleaning
• Mattress Cleaning & Protection

Carpet Cleaning Satisfaction Guarantee

We understand you want to make the right decision when choosing to have your carpets cleaned and that’s why we offer a "Carpet Cleaning Satisfaction Guarantee." If you are not completely satisfied with the carpet cleaning, we will re-clean the concerned area for FREE within a 30-day period.

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Aladdin's Carpet Cleaning

Carpet & Upholstery Protection

We use the most advanced protectors on the market to keep your carpets, sofas and mattresses looking cleaner longer. It coats every single fiber with an invisible, UV-stable, naturally breathing, protective layer. In comparison, other protectors coat your carpet and furnishings with much larger particles. This results in much less protection, so dirt and soil builds up faster.

   •   Our protectors contain no harmful solvents or chemicals, are odorless and neutral to the skin.
   •   Dry or moist dirt won't stick and therefore, are not absorbed by the fibers.
This makes carpets easier to care for. (more dirt is removed in routine vacuuming)
   •   Stains won't stick & our protectors repel liquid spills (provides more repellency than any other carpet
      protector). Water, tea, coffee, red wine, gravy, etc simply pearl off the treated fibers and are easily removed.
   •   Fabric and textile appearance, touch and color are not affected in any way.
   •   Extends the life of your carpets...Keeps them looking great and easy to maintain.